After watching this first trailer for "A Good Day To Die Hard", I actually thought that part 5 of the now overused "Die Hard" franchise was being resurrected as the awesomeness that I was used to. Then I found another trailer and was quickly proven wrong. Sad.

This first trailer focuses mainly on Bruce Willis who we all know and love as John McClain. The action is solid, the effects are realistic and not all CGI, and the dialogue is short and witty, mainly because there isn't much. So watch this and feel the awesome.

Then while scrolling around for a decent pic to post in this blog I stumbled across another trailer, so I watched it too. It explains a lot of the basic plot, which isn't its downfall, but it doesn't help. Apparently the son of the bad guy from the first movie has come and kidnapped Bruce Willis' son in the movie as revenge for his father's death. And the guy playing McClain Jr. delivers his lines with more cheese oozing from his lips than a fat guy at the circus loaded down with nachos.

Not that the lines he's forced to read are good, but he makes them even worse. He emulates Bruce's original character more than any son ever could even by genetic relationships. In other words he's a copy-cat rip-off of Bruce's character from the 80's and not a good one.

My (least) favorite line? When the son tells the bad guy "the only worse than inviting a McClain to the party? Is inviting two." Watch this and be warned, it reeks of stupid suck.

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