The RockShow created Bad Roommate Bingo on the show this week, which is the best way to decide when to kick out your cruddy roomie.

Now, instead of the awkward conversations that come with tossing out a pal, you can simply post this bingo card on your wall, and mark off the annoying things they do until you inevitably find yourself with a "BINGO,” at which point, enough is enough. Get them out of there.

There are 25 boxes on a standard bingo card, and it was very easy to come up with 25 different things that are synonymous with bad roommate behavior. Clipping their toenails on the coffee table and leaving them there, eating all of your groceries, or helping themselves to your booze, are just a few examples of great reasons to kick someone out of your house.

bad room mate bingo (2)

Does your roommate leave massive, disgusting clumps of hair in your bathroom drain? Do you feel like they might be stealing from your stash of change when you leave? What about straight-up farting all over your living room when they walk through the house?

If any of these things sound familiar, you might benefit from a nice game of Bad Roommate Bingo.

If you can make a bingo on our card, horizontally, diagonally, or hell, even if you can check off all four corners, you need to boot that roommate. Don't wait. As soon as you notice the telltale signs of a terrible roommate, it's often too late, and you'll be living with your five cats and that jerk for the rest of your life.

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