Lubbock has a wide range of people. Famous musicians. TV personalities. And now, a weightlifting world record holder.

I recently moved to a new gym that's all about power lifting, Lone Star Strength. Among the many other members is a man who is a monster dead lifter. Cailer Woolam is only 22, but he has been lifting weights for a long time. He's so good at it that he just broke the world record for dead lifting.

Cailer is in the 198-pound weight class, weighing just 194 pounds. But how much did he lift, you ask? Well, at just under 200 pounds, Cailer lifted 881.8 pounds! That's over 4 1/2 times his own weight. Imagine four of you lying on the ground in front of you. Now, pick them all up at once and stand up straight. I didn't think so.

Just so you know how strong Cailer is, he also squatted 584 pounds AND bench-pressed 429! So yeah, he's strong all over.

Here's the video of Cailer breaking the world record. Notice the bar bending almost in half. This is an official and sanctioned world record.

If you want to train where Cailer trains you can reach Carlos at Lone Star Strength at 806-701-4149 or their Facebook page. And maybe you can come get strong with me!

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