When email became available everyone jumped on getting their own address and while plenty of people probably made themselves something professional sounding, the rest of us were straight clownin'.

My first email address was FunFrenchFry77@...which is just terrible. Why would I make it that? Why? I have no idea. I guess I wasn't thinking much about how it would look on a resume when I was 11.

The RockShow asked FMX fans to share their first email addresses with us so that we could shame them and laugh, and make ourselves feel better. Thanks for your response guys!

Some common trends were adding "69" to your email address. You guys were REALLY cool 11-year-olds that just had to make sure everyone knew that you had all the moves. There was also an endless amount of "xxx", reminding me of a hardcore era that is all but forgotten.

Here are a couple of our favorite old-school email addresses:

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"Freak_on_a_leash_68@" - Eric Duncan, excellent choice. You must have been a big Korn fan. I'm surprised you were able to get that email address. I bet you tried it with a "69" first but had to settle for "68". Bummer.

"Dranktoomuchwhiskeylastnight@" - Wow, John DeZara! I'd love to explain that to a prospective employer. I bet that was fun while it lasted.

"Daddysgroovygirl@" -Ummmm...Leah Nicole Anciso...on second thought, better just leave it at that.

"BassGtr806@" - That one belongs to Rob Breaux from Talk 1340. Very original. Did you get your parents to buy you a bass when you saw Seven Nation Army performed for the first time at the MTV Music Awards, too? Or was that just me...

"Diknutslanger@" - Holy cow! Lukky Rodriguez! You're a bad man! I don't even know what to say, other than you get points for creativity, vulgarity, and hilarity.

Did you have a ridiculous email address? Share it with us in a comment below or on our FMX Facebook page.

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