Even though the state of Texas has not been under a government-based mask mandate for over a week now, businesses still have the authority to require patrons to wear face coverings while in their establishments.

In that time, more than a few businesses in Texas have been subject to complaints from customers who do not agree with the request of the business to wear a face covering, some even reaching the level of threats and intimidation.

In the midst of the controversy, a Denton, Texas diner owner has finally heard enough of customers' negativity towards his mask policy, and wants them to put their money where their mouth is.

Wayne Lacombe, owner of Legends Diner, has posted a sign in the doorway of his establishment that lays out his policy towards those who are anti-mask in his restaurant. It reads:


According to the Dallas Morning News, Lacombe, who owns the diner with his wife, Kat, said the sign is mostly a joke, but he's not afraid to enforce the new policy.

"I had two ladies who just left; and I was getting ready to charge them. They came in wearing a mask; they had breakfast. When they came up to pay, they didn't have their mask on and I had to explain to them why it was important," he told the outlet.

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Admittedly, I have gone into businesses here in Lubbock that have the mask policy in place without wearing one. At no time have I ever been asked to put one on nor confronted by employees. However, if asked nicely, I'll gladly put one on out of respect for the business.

If I walked into a store that had that kind of sign in the window, I'll admit that I'd probably turn around and leave and give someone else my business. It's absolutely his right to invoke this surcharge, joke or not. Just as much as it is my right to not eat there.

Again, personal responsibility. If asked to wear a mask in a store, put one on. Otherwise, wear one if you want. Or don't. It's up to you. Just do the right thing.

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