Many musicians can play Aerosmith's "Dream On" with a guitar. Indeed, just as many can carve out the classic rock tune on a piano. But how many performers can capture the song on both instruments at the same time? That's just what YouTube virtuoso Gabriel Guardian does in his latest video.

Amid the scenic landscape of the Mojave Desert's Red Rock Canyon, the multifaceted shredder mounts the Aerosmith cover simultaneously on guitar and keyboard in the clip shared Nov. 11 to commemorate both Veterans Day and the musician's birthday. Watch it toward the bottom of this post.

"[I] couldn't think of a better song to do for Veterans Day and my birthday than this one," the musician shares in the video's description. "I've always loved this song, especially the vocal melody and solos!"

According to Guardian, the performance at the Las Vegas-area landmark results from a single take. The musician — who's previously channeled entertainment's musicality in clips such as "SpongeBob Theme Song at the Airport" and "Aladdin Goes Metal" — performs in the act Immortal Guardian.

It's undoubtedly better than President Trump illicitly using the song at his campaign events. Maybe next time Guardian plays the tune, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler can join in for an unexpected collaboration.

Gabriel Guardian, "Dream On" (Aerosmith Guitar + Keyboard Cover)

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