A recent press release from the North Pole says that Santa Claus is now "hip and with it: he texts! For the Christmas season, Santa wants to text you and your family updates as he prepares for his favorite night of the year."
This December, Santa Claus will be debuting his tech-savviness to the world through text message updates throughout the month, leading all the way up to Christmas Day. Santa expects to send Christmas jokes, sayings, recipes, facts — little reminders to help make the Christmas season exciting for those young and old alike.
"I wanted to take people inside my process this year, show them how I prepare for my biggest night and spread Christmas cheer,” said Claus.
Why text messages? Santa Claus may be getting up there in age (1,749 years to be exact!), but as we approach 2020, he wants to let the world know that he’s staying more relevant than ever before.
“Mrs. Claus and I have been getting better and better at texting," said Santa Claus. "The elves have been teaching us. We can even send emojis and GIFs now!"
Starting December 1, Santa will text approximately once every five days, then once a day in the week leading up to Christmas. To receive these texts from Santa, please visit: Santa Wants To Text You
Remember to be nice this year or you might hear about it from Santa himself!

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