Okay, I caught this on a friends feed, and it is getting weird.

Sam Jones, MSO PR
Sam Jones, MSO PR  "Hey, can we cruise with you guys?"

I have screenshots of a brewing beef, but some of the posts have been moved or removed, so I'll have to give you a narrative of the situation.  Apparently, someone with another recreation area posted that Lubbock would be closing some areas of Mackenzie park to prevent cruising Easter Weekend (it's a thing, trust me).

The City of Lubbock caught wind of the posts and has posted that this is not true, and that ALL Lubbock parks will be open Easter Weekend. The also took the time to note that Mackenzie park is indeed open (just in case you don't understand what "all" means).

Hey, there's enough Easter fun for everyone!  You guys be careful, be safe and cruise the area of your choice, just remember to watch out for those kids crossing!  Happy Easter from your friends at FMX. No Fighting!

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