When I told you I couldn't find the Friday song- I was being honest. I really couldn't. But Wes, finder of all arcane FMX wisdom, has located it. I believe it may have been in his sock drawer this entire time.

We are rapidly coming up on our 40th year, so bringing back the tradition of the Friday song seems apropos.  Who knows? Maybe we will "party on the patio" again.

Like many of you, I grew up with FMX. It's simply always been there as Lubbock's rock station- and with the exception of a couple of years spent out-of-state, it has been the soundtrack of my life.

Although I must shout out that wild year I spent with KROQ out in LA- those were some great times. You may have noticed that I occasionally use Nails' "88 Lines About 44 Women" as background music and that is 100% homage to the KROQ 80s lunch of bygone times.

This does beg the question- what FMX traditions do you want to see make a comeback? Rock Cards? The P*rple P*rty? We got a cease-and-desist on that, so you'll have to come up with a good name for it if you want it back.

Personally, I want to bring back the Bl**dy H**ly Fest- again, we'd need another name. Perhaps our greatest tradition is pushing the envelope and getting put in time-out. We promise to keep that one going, it's in our DNA. We are rockers, after all.

So expect the Friday song this Friday during the Free Lunch. It's in desperate need of an update- so perhaps it'll be just a little different from what you remember.

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