The cold months are quickly approaching and if you are freezing, chances are, some mice and pests outside are too and would find it much more comfortable to stay in your home. Dealing with pesky critters is not fun, and you may find yourself at your wit's end. I always try to remember that we are all just living in the same world together and those critters have no idea that you don't like them munching on your cabinet snacks or scurrying by in the shadows.

Instagram, Just Comics/Joan Chan
Instagram, Just Comics/Joan Chan

If you've never thought about the agony you might feel, lying there, stuck to a sticky trap until you die, please do. Starving, horrible, agony, until you simply cease to exist. Imagine how horrible it would be for a mother mouse to never be able to return to her babies to feed them. Trapped and completely helpless. What a terrible way to die. It doesn't matter how annoying you may find a family of mice in your home to be, they are living creatures that deserve respect from the world simply for being alive. We share the planet with so many amazing animals that we take for granted.

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I made an idiot of myself once by stomping on a spider that crawled across the floor during a meeting years ago. I looked up, grinning at my friend, who did not share the same enthusiasm as me. He glared at me. After the meeting ended, I asked him what was wrong. He explained to me that the spider had no idea that it was in my world. It was living in its own world. Going about its own day. Dealing with its own sh*t. I had never thought of it that way before. My buddy died a few years later, and I think about him every time I feel the urge to step on a bug, and instead, I take it outside where it belongs, so that it can live out the rest of its life. It was a valuable lesson.

Here are some creative ways suggested by Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center that you might find useful, along with a link to where you can easily purchase them on Amazon.

Peppermint oil - $18.98

Steel Wool - $22.00

Rodent Repellent Sprays - $12.99

Irish Spring Soap - $6.24

Rolling Log Mouse Traps (without the water they would drown in) - $9.59

Catch and release mouse traps - $16.99

If a problem is ever too serious for you to deal with yourself, pest control services offer several humane ways to take care of pests in your house and would be happy to help you out, but it might cost you a bit more. If you prepare yourself now, then you won't be so overwhelmed with the problem, should it arise.

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