A dog in Amarillo is recovering after testing positive for methamphetamines and amphetamines it ingested in a thrift store.

The bizarre incident occurred at America's Best Thrift and Discount to owner Julie Young's dog Fancy, a frequent presence at the store.  

Sadly it appears that this was no accident, but possibly a poisoning by someone(s) who entered the store on that day.


Fancy began exhibiting strange behavior originally thought to be an allergic reaction. She was panting, staring, and stomping, and attempts to calm her down were unsuccessful. The dog was given Benadryl to no avail. After visiting the vet, it was discovered she had somehow ingested the drugs and was put on an appropriate treatment.

Sadly, Young feels she cannot safely have Fancy at her store after this incident. Who could blame her?

While there is no current suspect(s), Amarillo police are asking the public's help to identify five teenage boys who entered the store near the time that Fancy was poisoned.  The store made descriptions of their appearance here. There is currently no evidence made public that they were involved.

I have always found animal friends at local mom-and-pop style shops to be a charming and endearing presence. One of my favorite perks at a previous job was named Finn- his goofy puppy behavior made even the most stressful day one I can look back on with joy.

I also find it horrific that anyone would be so cruel as to hurt an innocent and trusting animal for no good reason. I hope there is a more reasonable explanation about what happened here and that it was somehow an accident. And I am grateful that Fancy is going to be okay.

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