This timing is crazy, right?

Image by Julia Teichmann from Pixabay
Image by Julia Teichmann from Pixabay

(Note: Any opinions expressed below are the author's own. Vote however you want, just vote.)

Marijuana May Be Reclassified

News leaked out that the Federal Government is likely to change the classification of Marijuana from a Schedule 1 to a schedule 3 drug. Currently marijuana is in the same category as heroin and I think any sane person would be very hard pressed to say that those two belong in the same category. It's ridiculous that the two were ever grouped together.

What Is Schedule 3

Making marijuana a Schedule 3 drug puts it more in line with drugs that can be legally prescribed. It certainly makes sense to me. If a physician thinks that marijuana could benefit someone for whatever reason, then they should be able to have it, and if they are able to have it, they should be able to carry it.

The Lubbock Fight

Right now in Lubbock the contentious Proposition A is on the ballot. This measure would decriminalize lower amounts of marijuana. The issue is far from confusing like the opponents want you to think it is. To put it as crassly as I do to my friends, "It would just keep cops from putting hippies in jail with dangerous criminals". The vote, and the will of the people may not even be honored by the state, but it would send a message that the time is near.

Reefer Madness

Every archaic argument against marijuana is being brought out in this fight, and it's ridiculous. I really don't believe the majority of people in Lubbock against this issue even believe what they are saying, this is just a chance to put up a public persona to gather votes from a certain demographic in the future.  If marijuana meant the downfall of a society, then we'd already be seeing that across the 24 states where it is legal for recreation use and 17 others where it's legal for medicinal use.

The following signs are parodies put out by the Pro=Proposition A People


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