Every year we hear the list of amazing regional flavors for Lay's Potato Chips, but for some reason, this flavor was not listed.

Our list had things like Cajun spiced and Lobster Roll and whatever weird regional flavors that Lay's came up with. We thought all we were going to get in this area was Chile Con Queso.  Upon hitting the Walmart on 4th and Frankford we saw the return of the West Coast Truffle Fries. We were about to give those a try when the clouds opened, the angels sang, and a heavenly light came upon Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper.

I can't tell you how awesome they are right now. I'm waiting for the perfect time, the idle circumstances the most awe-inspiring munchies to crack this bag open. As a fellow Texan though, I felt it my obligation to tell you immediately about this amazing development.

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