I headed over to Discount Tire to have my tires worked on and I happened to hear some Red Hot Chili Peppers playing in the garage area. I wondered if perhaps they were jamming some FMX, so I asked... and they were! I thought that was pretty cool of them, so mentioned that I was Chrissy from The RockShow. The man helping me lit up when I told him and gave me a big smile. He said he listened to us every morning. What a doll!

Then...I remembered just how filthy and full of trash my car is.

Holy crap, guys. I was suddenly very self-aware and wished to goodness I hadn't mentioned who I was. Did the man go back and tell everyone in the garage that I was there? Did they know that was my gross car? Maybe nobody knew at all or cared. I have no idea, but I started to worry...and then I started to laugh.


My car is full of junk. Random trash I've picked up off the street, mixed in with the different things that you just toss in the backseat and don't think about. I have not fully cleaned that car out in, well...it's been a minute. I'm a busy lady, and it's pretty much the last thing on my list of crap to do.

I mean, it could have definitely been worse, but I have never been so embarrassed and so humored by my own complete lack of caring, that I wanted to make a formal apology for whomever had to see that train wreck.

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Thank you guys for fixing me up, and for rocking out to 94.5 FMX while you work. It means so much to us, and so very much to me. I'm still new to radio, and when I notice someone listening, my little heart skips a beat. I will not make the mistake of bringing my dumpster mobile around like that again without giving it a once-over at the car wash. The man that gave me my keys back assured me that he has seen much worse, which made me feel slightly better...thanks, dude!

You guys are a bunch of peaches for dealing with cars that should be lit on fire and/or pushed off of a bridge into the lake.

All My Messy Love,

Chrissy from The RockShow

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