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Around this time of year, a lot of people typically get sick. That's how it's always been. This year in particular, however, things to be a little bit more intense, and it's entirely preventable.

We're in what some are calling a "tripledemic." Cases of COVID-19, flu and RSV are higher than expected, and some people are having a hard time getting a hold of things like cough medicine or antibiotics.

I came down with some nasty respiratory symptoms a couple of weeks back, and in just the span of 1 month, my partner has had COVID-19, the flu, and RSV. He's a trooper, alright.

It's fair to say that we both are done with getting sick this year. You don't even get to enjoy time away from work because you're stuck in bed feeling like you're about to die. Plus, we take a decent hit when it comes to our expenses when this crap comes up.

Now, I likely got sick from family coming into town for Thanksgiving, and the same is probably what happened with my partner when he got RSV. However, I know almost for a fact that the other instances came from where he works, considering his boss showed up one day saying the doctor told him he had some kind of flu.

Real cool that you showed up to work knowing that, buddy.

And here we are, again, with one of my partner's co-workers leaving early to pick up a COVID-19 home test because they suspected they had it.

Why are you at work if you suspect you might have COVID-19 or ANY other illness?

America is home to the "work until you die" mentality. You get a set amount of sick days per year, so good luck if you get sick any more than that, bucko. You also likely aren't making enough to comfortably get by considering the rampant inflation that no one is doing anything about.

So, if you get sick, you're screwed.

My condolences if you aren't feeling good. It sucks, man, and I hope you recover soon. But please do not come to work and spread your sickness to the rest of us. My family has dealt with so many illnesses in such a short time frame that I don't know how much more we can take.

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