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This past week or so, I have been having a rough time, and so have a lot of people that I know.

I started feeling funky Saturday, November 26th. My throat was a tad sore but sometimes I just wake up like that. Then it persisted into the next day. A little strange, I thought, but I figured it would go away if I just took a Benadryl when I went to sleep that night. My throat sometimes will get irritated while I'm sleeping.

Monday comes around and I am not good. I felt like dookie. Sore throat, runny nose, awful congestion, general bad vibes. My sister was also experiencing something similar around this time, so it's safe to assume that we got the same disease from some traveling family member over the Thanksgiving holiday. Awesome.

Around the same time, my partner's mother was also feeling crummy. She said it was some sort of respiratory virus but didn't know exactly what.

What's funny about this is that after I got tested for the usual (Strep, Flu and the dreaded COVID-19), all my tests came back negative. The doctor didn't have a great answer for what I had, which is frustrating, to say the least. The same thing with my sister and partner's mother. No definitive answer for what was wrong.

So we were out of commission for a good few days. I spent my time out of work resting and generally hating my painful existence, but it cleared up after a bit.

The day I was good enough to go back to work, however, my partner gets sent home with a fever.


He was hit much worse than I was. His coughing and sneezing was just awful and I felt terrible for him. I could tell it sucked super hard, especially since he had recovered from having Covid just about 2 weeks before.

So he went and got tested for everything, and you'll never guess what the results were.


Same thing as the rest of us. Doctors had no idea what it was and just sent him on his merry way to fend for himself. He did get a shot in the butt, however, and I was jealous didn't get one of those.

And here I am yet again. After feeling good for a single day, I feel like crud again. Is this some kind of targeted attack on me and the people I love? Who did we anger to deserve this punishment?

Realistically, we all probably just spread whatever it is to each other, but that's not as fun as imagining a hooded figure plotting my family's demise for the atrocities we committed against him all those years ago.

Who am I kidding? We don't go out enough to make enemies...

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