Anime WTX, the first Anime convention in West Texas, opens Friday, January 25th, 2019. But first, let's meet their beautiful mascot, Akinaru.

Akinaru is cosplayed here by local model Kaia Cosplay, who is also the program director for Anime WTX.

Here's Friday's schedule of events. You can see the entire weekend's schedule at the official Anime WTX website.

12 to 6pm: Board Game Demos – Chill Zone12 to 1pm: Silver Spoon – Caprock Screening Room12 to 12pm: Friday Doors Open12 to 7pm: DnD Open Tables –Restaurant

12 to 7pm: Vendor Hall Hours – Vendor Hall

12 to 8pm: Artist Alley Hours – Artist Alley

1 to 2pm: Sanrio Boys – Caprock Screening Room

2 to 3pm: Restaurant to Another World – Caprock Screening Room

3 pm to 12am: Smash Free Play – Tumbleweed Gaming Room

3 to 8:05pm: Neko Neko Maid Cafe – Maid Cafe / Yandere Escape Room

3 to 11:59pm: Yandere Escape Room – Maid Cafe / Yandere Escape Room

3 to 4pm: Record of Lodoss War – Caprock Screening Room

3 pm to 12am: Fortnite Free Play – Windmill Gaming Room

4 to 5pm: Ancient Magus Bride – Caprock Screening Room

4:30 to 6pm: Into to Cosplay Armor Making – Bluebonnet Panel Room

5 to 6:30pm: My Hero Academia Meetup – Patio

5 to 6pm: One Punch Man – Caprock Screening Room

6 to 7pm: Wigs 101 w/Nikachu – Bluebonnet Panel Room

6 to 7pm: FLCL – Caprock Screening Room

6:30 to 7:30pm: Hot Chocolate Social – Patio

7 to 8pm: IDOLS – Bluebonnet Panel Room

7 to 8pm: Darling and the Franxx – Caprock Screening Room

7:30 to 9pm: Area of Effect Concert – Main Stage

7:30 to 9pm: Pub Trivia – Chill Zone

8 to 10pm: Idol Dance Party! – Bluebonnet Panel Room

8 to 9pm: SSSS Girdman – Caprock Screening Room

8 to 9pm: My Hero Pool Party! – Pool

9 to 10pm: Melancholiaah Performance – Main Stage

9 to 6pm: Drinking Games! **Must be 21 or over to Purchase Alcohol** – Chill Zone

9 to 10pm: Junijo Ito Collection – Caprock Screening Room

10 pm to 2am: RAVE! With DJ YETI – Main Stage

10 pm to 12am: Ouran High School Host Club Sleepover – Bluebonnet Panel Room

10 to 11pm: Death Note – Caprock Screening Room

11pm to 12am: Tokyo Ghoul – Caprock Screening Room

And, of course, you can also meet some incredible anime voice actors:

For weekend passes and more information, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

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