Personally, I hate those Facebook quizzes. Nobody really cares what your first pet's name was or the first car you ever owned. Except identity thieves. They care. They care because they're stealing your identity with your answers.

You've seen your friends re-post a Facebook meme that says "what was your first car? Drop your answer in the comments." But have you also noticed how when you set up personal accounts at a bank or other private institution, that when they ask for security questions, they are the same thing? That's not a coincidence.

Identity thieves are way more connected and high-tech savvy than anybody wants to believe. That's how they get you. You don't suspect that just saying your first pet's name was Scruffy could be bad. But if an identity thief has gotten part of your personal info, all they need now is answers to private security questions and they're into your accounts, stealing your life.

That's why these innocent looking 'share' memes and security questions for banks are the same. These people continually collect a ton of data on people, and when they've got enough on you, they strike and you're screwed.

Be safe, and be less annoying at the same time, and stop doing those stupid memes. Nobody on Facebook really cares, because your true friends already know this stuff.

Check out this post from the Sutton Police Department.

Sutton Police Department
Sutton Police Department

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