An anti-vaxxer named Christopher Key is making the news for suggesting that drinking your own pee might be the best way to cure COVID. Key believes that urine therapy is the way to combat the deadly virus that has killed out over 5.5 million people worldwide.

What a load of absolute horsesh*t.

Surely, nobody believes that drinking tinkle is the solution to this, right? Wrong. Some people were actually thanking this whacked-out nutto in the comments below his video, according to an article published by The Daily Dot.

Christopher claims "God's given us everything we need..." but it would appear that God gave him zero common sense, as there is absolutely no medical research to assert that urine therapy has ever truly helped anyone with anything at all. Period. None. All you will get from drinking your own piss is some nasty ass stank breath and fewer friends.

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Here are a few things I can think of that may help you fight off COVID just as well as drinking your own piss:

- Slamming your fingers in a car door

- Munching on a sh*t sandwich

- Adding more bleach to your diet

It looks like Christopher Key, the self-proclaimed "Vaccine Police" has had his Twitter account suspended, which is definitely for the best. Don't drink your pee, guys. Get real. Go get vaccinated. It's been proven effective. Please don't let crazy theories like this spin around in the old noggin' for too long. Sheesh.

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