I never thought I had a Texas accent until I briefly moved to Southern California. Immediately, I was given the not-so-clever nickname "Texas." Naturally, I leaned into the whole thing and started wearing an armadillo belt buckle to class daily. After a year, you guessed it, I got majorly homesick and returned to my home state.

I still don't think my accent is a very heavy one, but it does tend to show up on certain words like "hill" and "Coors" and I, of course, heavily pepper my speech with the best word ever: y'all.

Did anyone think my Texas accent was sexy? Stupid? Annoying? I didn't pay attention to any of that. I do know that I didn't love the Southern California accent- I thought it sounded a little air-headed (no offense intended if you happen to have one).


So do Americans see a Texas accent as sexy, stupid, or annoying? A recent survey has the answers. 

The sexist domestic accent (as in, not British) went to "Southern" accents, followed by New York (???) and Southern California. Were mostly New Yorkers surveyed? I'm not sure. Whether "Texas" falls into "Southern" is highly debatable. I'd say "no". We don't sound anything like Georgians, who I think get to really claim a Southern accent.

Texas came in #8 as the "most liked" accent. The most liked accent was again Southern, and the least liked was Pittsburg. Texas did not rank in "smartest" nor "most annoying." Interestingly, the winner for most annoying was...Southern. Apparently, sexy and annoying go hand-in-hand.

This brings up an interesting question- which Texas accent are they talking about? Because we all know it changes across our massive state. There's a huge difference in sexiness between Matthew McConaughey's voice and Hank Hill's.

Your voice is a big part of who you are and you should never be ashamed of it. I might tease you a bit if you sound like you're from L.A. though.

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