I'm always puzzled why some people pony up their hard earned money for a rock show and then they don't arrive until the headliners are about to come on. It must be a let's arrive "fashionably late" kinda thing.

I was gathered around with some buds earlier this evening, jammin' some tunes throwing back a few cold ones when Gigantour made it's way into the conversation. Of course every one had an opinion on what band they most wanted to see.

Most were stoked for the big boys on the bill like Megadeth, Black Label, and Hell Yeah but there was no mention of the band Death Division. So naturally, I felt it was my duty to let them know a few details about the band.

I figured I might as well share a few facts about the band with you.

Death Division was founded by HellYeah and Nothingface bassist Joey Montano. The band features Morbid Angel drummer Tim Yeung with guitarist Rick Dimarco and Sean De La tour out front.

They just happen to be managed by Dave Mustaine's son, Justis Mustaine.

I can tell you this, these guys make it thump!

So, instead of 'being cool' and showing up late for a rock show, why not get out early to all the shows? You never what you might be missing.

Check out some Death Division right here: