Monday Asking Alexandria released their new album and let me tell you it has been playing nonstop in Mine and Omar’s car! We got the CD as soon as it came out! Oh forgot to mention just this week you can go to Best Buy and get AA’s new CD on sale, but its just this week! Take advantage of this while you can!

They have changed over the years just like any band would do which is great!

Tuesday night I thought I would check out to see how AA’s album was doing on itunes and man are they rocking it on the charts! AA put on their Facebook on Monday that they were Number 1 on Rock Charts, Number 1 on Metal charts, and Number 3 on all Genres!

They are doing a hell of a job with their music. I honestly don’t think October 26th could come fast enough! I’m pumped to see these guys again. They put on a hell of a show for the Purple Party and they never disappoint!

My birthday is in October and this has to be one of the best presents I could get just by them coming!

Everybody needs to be at the FMX Freakfest…Its going to be a great time!

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