Are you or someone you love named Kyle? That's nice. According to my Facebook page, I am friends with four Kyles. If you were to average them out, they'd probably look like this dude:

Photo by Julián Amé on Unsplash
Photo by Julián Amé on Unsplash

Here in Texas, we have an entire town named Kyle. Kyle, Texas, is "hoping to break the Guinness World Record for the largest same-name gathering." The current record is for Ivans in a city in Bosnia. If you want to help dethrone the Ivans, you'll need to be 1.) named Kyle and 2.) in Kyle, Texas on Sunday, May 21st at 4 p.m. They need more than 2,325 to win the record.

It is Kyle, Texas's fourth attempt so it's time to get it together and beat the record Kyle, c'mon. We can't keep letting Texas down. You'll also get to go to the Kyle fair and you'll get a free Kyle T-Shirt. Also, Kyle is very close to Austin so you can make a weekend out of it. Do it for all the Kyles in the world. Do it for Texas.

Interestingly, there's also a world record for people with the same first AND last name. There were 256 Milica Jovanovićs in Serbia gathered at the same time, which leads me to wonder how many Kyle Smiths there may be.

Texas already has some really bizarre and beautiful records, including the largest Bowie knife (in Bowie, Texas), the largest toy pistol fight, the largest homecoming mum. and my favorite: the largest frito pie.

Our next big world record is up to you Kyle. I believe in you.

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