The RockShow celebrated the season on-air this morning with "Chrissy and Wes' Halloween Spooktacular!", which included some super scary stories submitted by our listeners in a voicemail. If you're in the mood to give yourself the creeps, you'll definitely want to listen to these.

We want to thank all of our listeners for participating and having fun with us this morning. We love Halloween here at FMX, and it's clear that you guys love it too. If you haven't been out to Nightmare On 19th Street yet, you've gotta go! I'll be out there tonight and I hope to see you there.

Without further ado, here are some cringey paranormal stories, and one totally silly one, to get you in the mood for ghosts and ghouls! We wish you a safe and Happy Halloween!

We hope you enjoyed those terrifying tales, and that you are still able to sleep tonight! We actually chose our favorite one and gave them a couple of tickets to Trinity Of Terror. It totally pays off to participate in our tomfoolery around these parts. We hope that you will submit your ghost stories next year!

Follow The RockShow on Facebook for more details on how you can win some tickets, just by doing something as simple as leaving us a voicemail. We love hearing from you guys, and we want to make you radio stars, too! Once again, have a safe and Happy Halloween! Eat lots of candy, drink lots of beers, and be nice to trick-or-treaters so your house won't get egged!

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