April Fools' Day is Thursday, April 1st, and the jokes have already begun to circulate the internet from several companies getting an early start on the holiday for pranksters.

Bud Light shared a photo of a "Bud Light Pizza Seltzer," featuring the flavors Veggie, Extra Cheese, Anchovy, and Pepperoni. I know those are a joke and all, but I love pizza and hard seltzers, and I would be lying if I said I wouldn't actually be at least a teensy bit intrigued.

Burger King is also ready for April Fools' Day and shared a couple of new items. This year, they're putting a new spin on old BK favorites. Hershey Pie, Cheesy Tots, a Mini Shake, Chicken Fries, and Chocolate Chip cookies are all sandwiched between two pieces of that delicious sourdough bread. Yeah, it's a little weird, but I'm pretty sure I'd eat all of those. No shame.

Several other popular brands notorious for their April Fools' Day posts are Energizer, Hostess, and Pop-Tarts, but I've yet to see any of their silliness cross my feed. Perhaps they're waiting for the actual holiday.

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I've been trying to come up with some good pranks to play on my friends and family, but they usually see it coming. I'm not the sneakiest.

Does your business pull crazy antics on April Fools' Day? Be sure to share them with us. Comment below or in a post on the FMX Facebook page. We would love to hear about anything wild that may happen in your workplace.

Most of all, have an awesome April Fools' Day.

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