Law enforcement officers tend to get a hard rap for being uptight and no-nonsense. But in the case of Bexar County Sheriff's Office, the opposite is very clearly true.

These guys and gals apparently enjoy a good joke, and didn't hesitate to take full advantage of those willing to forget that today is the day of all fools.

Bexar County Sheriff's Office Got 'Em!

Imagine all the social media users across the state of Texas who read the post and immediately went to defensive positions. The notion of a person's phone being rendered useless by a radar-like gun would make any smartphone user think twice about texting and driving, let alone taking their phone into a vehicle at all.

Thankfully, it's just another in a long line of what will surely be a parade of social media April Fools' Day jokes. This "Cell Phone Terminator" isn't a real thing.

By the way, have you checked out the prank by The RockShow from this morning?

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