Yes, it's April 1st, and many will celebrate by trying some thing or another in order to take advantage of April Fools' Day by coming up with a creative prank to play on friends or co-workers. No, the prank was not us airing silence for up to 10 minutes during The RockShow on Monday.

We actually came up with an entire show dedicated to our own creative prank, Google Blow, that we decided was fun and wouldn't harm anyone. The problem was that we couldn't deliver what we had set up in grand fashion due to technical issues that impacted our entire radio group.

Our on-air broadcast is also not being streamed through the FMX app at this time, so if you've been trying to listen through the app, it may be a while before the stream is available.

People tuned in to The RockShow this morning heard the voices of Kelly and Wes more than they are used to if they are normal listeners. The digital database that replaced CDs as the music library for on-air broadcast had a meltdown, or maybe even aliens. We aren't really sure what happened and is still happening that is preventing the FMX app from working or from our normal programming to be aired, but once we get to the bottom of it, we'll be sure to do a bunch of nothing about it because we'd just break it again.

Hopefully, the experts will have things back up and running soon so we can keep rocking more music in the morning!

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