Nothing wrong with wearing sombreros and having some margaritas. The brown face makeup is where you went wrong. 

This past Saturday, the Kappa Sigma fraternity at Baylor University held a Mexican themed party. They called it 'Cinco de Drinko.' No idea why this was held last weekend and not this weekend. The university has suspended the fraternity for what allegedly happened that night.

I was able to find some photos of the students wearing sombreros and serapes, however, the university has other reports of students in brown face. Others dressed in maid outfits and construction workers. Students were also chanting 'Build that wall' throughout the party. Kind of weird in my opinion to be celebrating Mexican heritage, but wanting the wall up.

A university spokesman says they have proof of all of these allegations, except for the brown face. Several students did say that happened at the party though. Kevin Jackson, Baylor's vice president for student life said in a statement that the university is investigating the "racially insensitive event" and that the university does not tolerate racism on campus.

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