If the name sounds familiar to you, it's because she's infamous in Lubbock.

Apparently, WNBA All-Star and former Baylor star Brittney Griner was arrested at the Moscow airport three weeks ago in Russia. She is accused of trying to smuggle three vape cartridges of some type of cannabis derivate (weed pens for those in the know).  This could result in her spending ten years in Russian prison if something isn't worked out.

The 6'8" Griner was playing in the Russian Premiere Basketball League this winter when Russia invaded Ukraine. Fears are now that the U.S. may have to execute a prisoner swap for her release or that this may turn into some type of international incident.

I am 100 percent on the side that marijuana is harmless but you have to obey the laws of the country you're in, even if that country is near-universally hated at this point. Reports say Griner has been making over $1 million a year playing in the Russian League, so maybe she thought she was above the law or something.

Now onto the reason you've heard the name before. Griner is the player who punched a Texas Tech player in 2010 after the two got tangled up. That player, Jordan Barncastle, suffered a broken nose and Griner was given a two-game suspension. It was a rather infamous incident that was played over and over on sports highlight shows.

I'm not going to judge any aspect of this arrest. I just know I'm one of many people who said, "I know that name from somewhere..." when news of her arrest broke.

You can see video of the Texas Tech incident below, followed by footage of her being detained at customs.

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