How do you like your Lubbock?


I certainly don't have a problem with Lubbock the way it is. It HAS been called the "Most Boring City In America" though, so that brings to mind the question, "What would make it less boring?".  I did a quick straw poll of some Facebook friends and here's ten ways to perk things up around the Hub City.

Surprising Results

Four of the things requested are just quality of life type nature/green space answers. They could honestly be accomplished with minimal expense and ONE project! It's going to take someone with vision to sell this idea to the public at large, but all of these ideas would result in more tourism, more people moving here, and more businesses finding the city an appealing destination.

10 Things That Would Make Lubbock Less Boring

Gallery Credit: Nessmania

Post-Apocalyptic AI Images of Lubbock Kind of Just Look Like Lubbock Today...

Some portions of Lubbock, Texas look like the the end of the world has already happened... Somebody tell me these don't look WAY too familiar, especially if you've driven down Avenue Q recently...

Gallery Credit: Chrissy

How Far Is Lubbock From Your Favorite Destinations

Gallery Credit: Nessmania

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