The long awaited Clutch show is tonight.

Alex Kluft Photography
Alex Kluft Photography

For some people, Clutch in Lubbock is an absolute dream booking. It's just the right band and the right time. It's a very niche booking and we are very lucky to have a visit. The show announcement was pretty much the first show announced for 2024 so we also have them, and J & B Productions to thank for opening the floodgates for the year.

Tonight's show will happen at the Garden in the Depot District. It will be about 87 degrees when the show kicks off, making it's way down to an unbelievable nice 75 degrees when the show ends. Winds shouldn't be too much of a factor, with the walls of the Garden acting as excellent wind breaks.

Tickets for the show may be purchased for a little longer at Ralph's Records, and tonight at the door. This should be a fun one. We were given production times, and as usual, these are subject to change, but this is the plan going in:

Doors at 6:30

Native Howl 7:30

Blacktop Mojo 8:20

Clutch 9:30

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