I recently read (what I could) about the most "Normal" U.S. states. I'm fairly sure that Texas isn't that normal, and I can give you a few reasons why.

Image by Alex Kovalerov from Pixabay, Image by Robert Woeger from Pixabay, Image by Chil Vera from Pixabay
Image by Alex Kovalerov from Pixabay, Image by Robert Woeger from Pixabay, Image by Chil Vera from Pixabay

View From A Distance

I moved here when I was around 17 from Southern California. Before you tell me to go back home, I've now spent around 40 years in Texas, so I've been here longer than most of you have been alive. I guess, in Texas terms, this makes me more Texas than you. It also affords me the opportunity to see things from the outside.


In Texas, we love our guns and there are practically no rules when it comes to them anymore. A lot of people carry and have their firearms both on display and at hand.  None of this is a big deal to anyone here. In Texas, guns are so pervasive that ownership doesn't fall along political lines because EVERYBODY has them.


I moved to the area at the beginning of football season. I soon had a girlfriend and then everyone started talking about Homecoming Mums. First I didn't understand what they were saying, then I didn't understand why it was a thing and so important to my girlfriend.  To me, they looked ridiculous and the expense is crazy.


I'm sure many places have some wild weather, but Texas has to have some of the wildest. Maybe the size of the state contributes to the feeling that we "get it all here", but there is also the fact that many places "get it all" in one day. Dust, hail, tornados, snow, and unbelievably scorching temperatures are all part of the norm around her.


I wanted to put something incredibly positive in here and that is the overall politeness of the people of Texas. There may be some really old school unacceptable opinions and behaviors behind closed doors, but everyone is very polite up front. Even as a kid here, I thought people saying "Yes sir" and "Yes Ma'am" showed immense respectfulness and that's something I can get behind.

Texas Is Not Normal

And we like it that way.

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