At the Texas Tech and TCU game this past Saturday, a TCU fan had a shirt on that from the front looked like your normal, everyday TCU apparel. But there's definitely not a TCU player with this last name.

F Baylor shirt
That doesn't stand for Frank Baylor (Photo: Ashley Wirz,
loading... sideline photographer Ashley Wirz snapped a picture of a TCU fan with a message for Baylor and their football team that I think most of the general population would agree with.

Back in 2016, a local sports apparel store refused to sell a gameday shirt for the Texas Tech-Baylor matchup. The store pointed out the "shockingly poor handling of the sexual assaults at Baylor" as their reasoning.

This is the first time I've seen a person using a custom t-shirt to express how they feel about a particular football program. But it goes to show that even after more than a year and the firing of head coach Art Briles, people are not soon going to forget what happened at Baylor.

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