Our good friend Benton Blount who performed here in Lubbock on September 5, 2014 at Jake's Backroom has been featured on the hit TV show "America's Got Talent. " Last night he moved past the judges' voting and now it will be up to the fans to vote for him.

Benton Blount came to Lubbock with my bros Patrick Judge and Yogi Watts of Demon Hunter and bassist Eric Biter to give The Backroom a good dose of "Country Crunk." We became fast friends and have stayed in touch since then.

I remember seeing Benton Blount on "America's Got Talent" during the audition stages and thinking, 'this is great, because Benton Blount is an outstanding man and paired up with a great voice it will be awesome to see him go all the way with this competition.'

We wish Benton Blount all the luck and we will see him in the finals for "America's Got Talent." You can check out him out next Tuesday and see if he continues to roll on!

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