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I've been blessed by coincidence that Black Flag is playing in Lubbock on Saturday, April 29th. If the show makes it to midnight, which I suspect it will, the show will officially be on my birthday. The stars have aligned for me.

Black Flag is an absolutely legendary and influential California punk band. Through several line-up changes, they maintained the power and fun of old-school, hardcore punk. That is likely due to establishing member Greg Ginn's continued presence in the band. He's the guitarist and primary songwriter and thus the soul of Black Flag.

Black Flag features prominently in one of my very favorite movies: The Decline of the Western Civilization, a documentary by Penelope Spheeris about the early 1980s Southern California punk scene.

Black Flag will be performing their landmark 1984 album My War in its entirety, followed by a second "Best Of" set.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow (December 16th, 2022) and will be available through J and B Productions website, and also Ralph's Records.

Tickets should be around $32 each. Do NOT purchase your tickets elsewhere, and do not pay a huge ticket price for them. Ticket scams are insidious and everywhere, so please don't rip yourself off by paying too much or getting counterfeit tickets. As a general rule, never "google" show tickets, always head directly to the promoter's website, the band's website, or head to a trusted ticket outlet.

Also, I expect this show to sell out, so unless you want to risk disappointment, buy your tickets in advance. You don't want to miss my birthday, do you?

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