Holy cow.

I watched the new Bo Burnham Netflix special Inside last night, and if you're a smart person, you will drop everything you are doing and turn it on right now. It was absolutely epic. In fact, 'epic' isn't even the right word for it. I honestly don't know what is. 'Genius' doesn't even seem to cover it. Whatever the hell it is, I laughed, I cried, and then I laid in bed all night thinking about it.

It's a masterpiece, plain and simple.

Burnham directed, wrote and starred in the entire ordeal alone in a small house over the course of self-isolation in the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems just as he was about to make a comeback to the stage for his first performance since 2016, the world had different plans and he was forced back into a depressing hole of sadness and hilarity.

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Burnham's presence has been missed over the years while he took time to work on his mental health. I applaud him for focusing on himself, his goals and his own sanity before his career. He talks a bit about dealing with extreme panic attacks on stage that led to his decision to take a break. His return to comedy with this incredible performance is an absolute gift.

Inside is a work of art like nothing I've ever seen before. It truly left me speechless. I was so mesmerized by Burnham's performance that there's no way in hell I couldn't mention it today at work.

Please, do yourself a favor. Put down your cell phone. Turn on Netflix. Watch this s**t. It's important.

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