Today may be the first day of school in Lubbock, but that doesn't mean you can't take the kids out for a day of fishing on the weekend! I'm actually planning on going out today to catch a few and I thought I'd share my favorite places with you. Maybe I'll see ya out there reelin' in a big one!

If you'd like to catch a little more than trash and old tires, Lubbock actually has some really nice spots for fishing. Some of the playa lakes around here can get kind of icky, but nobody says you actually have to eat what you catch. Catch and release is really the way to go. It helps ensure the lake will have more fish next year and it saves you from scaling a cooking up something that might not taste that great...

Here are four of my favorite places to go fishing around Lubbock. Let me know if you're a fan of them too, or if you think I should check out another spot. I'm always down to head out for a day of fishing at a new place.

4 Great Places To Take Your Kids Fishing Around Lubbock

These are my faves!

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