You may have seen this total douchebag standing on the side of the road on Saturday (May 8th) with a big sign spewing icky hatred on our city. It's truly embarrassing to see something like this in my hometown, but it's honestly nothing new.

The sign he's holding says: 'Thank your Mom today that she's not gay. Happy Mother's Day.' It also has an American flag-themed border.

Most of us are used to the fact that we live in the center of the Bible Belt. We pass this kind of dumb garbage on the road every day. It's sad to see someone try to ruin a beautiful Mother's Day weekend by being arrogant and hateful.

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I know so many wonderful gay moms in Lubbock. People that run local businesses that you shop at and drop their kids off to the same sports games with yours. They're teachers, nurses, lawyers, truck drivers and grocery store clerks. They're working the same kind of jobs as you, and coming home to the families they love and cherish, just like you.

They're wonderful parents, raising their children to understand one another and to be kind. They are contributing members of our society, present at every restaurant and bar, every bookstore and coffee shop. Every street you drive on. Gay moms are out there being total badasses, and it's a shame this guy isn't worth the money he spent on that stupid sign.

This doesn't represent Lubbock. Not the Lubbock I know. This is a sad display of fear and ignorance from someone who never took the time to understand what he's so vehemently against: the people that live right here, working just like the rest of us to make this city a home they can be proud of.

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