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If you haven't made plans for your mom, wife or baby momma for Mother's Day yet, you're in trouble. We're down to the wire, and sometimes we try to take a shortcut by quickly phoning it in, grabbing gas station roses on the way home from work (bad idea!) or springing for a cheap bottle of the finest wine from the former Soviet Republic of Usuckastan.

Which means that more than likely you've hit up the internet to try and find some last-minute suggestions for a nice brunch. And, just as likely, you've had this reaction:


I decided to do a quick Google search for "Mother's Day Lubbock" to see what ideas the interwebs would bestow, and one had some promise. A website called TopBrunchSpots.com had a list of the "best" brunch spots for Mom in Lubbock. I quickly realized that this was not the list I expected.

I mean, when one of the brunch suggestions on the list was Five Guys Burgers and Fries? Yeah, umm...no.

Son: "Hey Mom! Get dressed, we're going to brunch for Mother's Day!"

Mom: "Sounds wonderful!"

(car stops at Five Guys)

Mom: "I am SO writing you out of my will..."

I mean, they also have some decent fast food spots like Fazoli's and even Pete's Drive-In on 34th. Great burgers, but not a place that screams "Mother's Day Mimosa Brunch." Unless of course those mimosas are made with Hi-C Orange and Boone's Farm. Fast food isn't exactly Mother's Day brunch food.

If you've waited this long before making Mother's Day plans you'd be better off doing breakfast in bed and handling the housework rather than trying to scrape something off the bottom of your shoe. Just take the "L" on this one rather than doing something even more embarrassing that she'll never forget.

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