Twister was released 25 years ago on May 10th, 1996. If you were feeling young this morning when you woke up, I apologize if I've ruined your day.

Lubbock is no stranger to tornados, hail and crazy weather. When I was a kid, Twister was the perfect movie to throw on at a stormy slumber party. It wasn't like other scary movies; there were no ghosts or monsters. It was the real-life scenarios that we found absolutely thrilling and terrifying. My brother and I used to love watching it during big storms. The thunder and lightning happening outside made it more exciting.

It was one of my absolute favorite films growing up and inspired every kid in my neighborhood to try to become a storm chaser. I remember when I got the movie on VHS. My parents had it hidden in a sock drawer a few days before Christmas and I just happened to see it when I ran out of clean socks and was looking for a pair in their room. Whoops. Sorry, Dad.

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There was also that iconic 'eye of the storm' scene in which Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton cling to one another while being lifted up in the center of the tornado while tethered to some pipes.

So totally rad to an elementary school kid.

I've watched it several times over the years and the special effects honestly still hold up. If you haven't seen it in a while, perhaps it's time for you to revisit it with someone from a younger generation that hasn't had the chance to yet. We've also lost a couple of the stars from the movie, Bill Paxton and Philip Seymour Hoffman, in recent years, so it's always nice to see them and hear their voices again.

Today is panning out to be a stormy day and it might be the perfect opportunity to cook up some popcorn and watch the iconic film, Twister.

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