When the Sox got momentum on their side after taking the series lead 3-2 on Monday night, everyone knew it'd take a lot for the Cardinals to spoil a homecoming championship run. In the end, the momentum proved too strong for St. Louis to handle.

In a dazzling display of battery, the Red Sox took the game on Wednesday night 6-1.

Shane Victorino hit a deep double that sent in all three baserunners in the third. Stephen Drew added a run with a solo shot to right field in the fourth, as did Mike Napoli by batting in Jacoby Ellsbury. Victorino did the same for David Ortiz also in the fourth.

The Cardinals never got anything going, only adding a run through a Carlos Beltran single that propelled Daniel Descalso to the plate in the seventh.

Congrats to the Boston Red Sox on the championship win, but also to the Cardinals, as both teams played one hell of a series.