According to Google and Facebook, The Hideout is open for business, but the apparent truth is The Hideout is hiding out, permanently. And has been for the last three weeks or so.

Lubbock In The Loop reported All American's Mexican Hideout as closed- and I've never seen them get anything wrong. Doing a cursory search on LBK Foodies revealed a post with folks confirming that they've attempted to go by and had been met with closed doors. They even made phone calls and were told it was unlikely they'd be back. A person who appears to have been a former manager confirmed their suspicions, saying employees had been "let go".

This is particularly strange because the restaurant hasn't been open for very long- so what could have gone wrong so quickly?

google maps, with edits
google maps, with edits

Apparently, the business was unable to keep the staff needed to operate the restaurant properly.

We certainly hate to see any business fail, especially so early on. It feels like a waste of potential, but if a ship is sinking, I'd rather not go down with it either. And luckily, All American still has its other restaurant, All American Eatery at 8901 HWY 87 Building 101. I've seen nothing but rave reviews for this place.

As someone who follows local businesses closely, this is not the first time I've seen a business expand to their peril. It won't be the last time, either. Perhaps they will be able to eventually open the eatery up again since they haven't let their Goggle listing go yet.

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