Okay, I'm not sure if I'm completely down with these results.

A new Wallethub survey listed the Top 50 states to live in, but that's no fun. What's fun is, which ones are on the bottom. This time around New Mexico is tops when it comes to the bottom. Yes, New Mexico comes in dead last.

The metrics on this one are kind of hard to argue with. The study looked at affordability, economy, education & health, quality of life, and safety (why is safety not grouped with health?). When you put those things together, the Land Of Enchantment comes up a little short.

When you actually visit New Mexico I think you get a different picture. The place is full of beautiful scenery, art, and great concerts. If you want to dig down a level they also have legalized marijuana, casinos, and reproductive rights. Best of all, the state has a very relaxed, very cool vibe (if you believe you can "feel" that kind of thing).

If you want to get a little more specific about New Mexico's offerings, there's Carlsbad Caverns, the art scene of Santa Fe, fantastic ski resorts, and the fact that so many MAJOR artists make a stop in Albuquerque. Living close to these things can't be that bad at all.

Even Roswell with its kitschy alien stuff is a treat. I'm sure as a resident that might get a little old, but a lot of towns out there have one claim to fame and they exploit it over and over again.

So I guess Wallethub's metrics were just a poor match for our friends in New Mexico. I don't know much about living there, but it sure is a fun place to visit.

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