Our Governor has left a door open for religious gatherings in his latest decree and that's a very bad idea.

I wish I thought differently about religion. I think the fact that I don't smoke weed, makes my pro-weed posts more effective.  With religion, I think everyone knows my thoughts. So maybe we can talk about this in a way that separates this from religion.

Let's say we're a bag of candy.  Our governor says all of us M & M's have to stay at home for the safety of the bag, except for the yellow M & M's because, well they're yellow. It also just so happens that the yellow M & M's are more likely to vote for the governor and get their panties in a twist if they have to behave like everyone else. You see, yellow M & M's are the chosen ones, so it doesn't matter if they cause the rest of the bag to melt...at least that's how they see it. So, apparently it's okay to let one group risk the health and safety of the rest.

I have no problem with people doing what they are doing but as I have said a million times, you are free to the point where you are infringing on someone else's freedom. Sundays just got a lot more dangerous with the Governor exempting some religious gatherings. STAY HOME, my friends. Stay away from your church friends and stay away from the places they are likely to visit after church. You can say sorry later, but it's just not worth the increased risk to be around them.

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