Starbucks has announced that they are eliminating plastic straws on all drinks by 2020.

Close Up Of Hand Holding Plastic Straws Polluting Beach

Plastic straws, plastic bags, K-cups and other small plastic "disposables" are all under the microscope these days.

There once was a time when we were all willing to make small sacrifices for the common good but now people take stuff like this personally. Maybe it's time for a new way of thinking on these items. If I told you that you had to stab a fish in the eye for a straw, you might think twice about it. If I told you that you'd have to suffocate a bird to use a plastic bag, you might start using something else. Lastly, if I told you that you had to choke a seal to use a K-cup, you might at least switch to the re-usable ones.

I have used all of the above items and probably will continue to until better options are available. Starbucks will start putting those drink flaps on all their lids, which is basically the way grown-ups drink anyways.  So I guess Starbucks should get a high five for keeping about 1 billion straws a year out of the environment, that way people with dental or other drinking issues can continue to use straws. Maybe if some of the rest of us will skip the straw then we can help out too.

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