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Got Thanksgiving plans? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advised Americans not to travel for Thanksgiving this year.

The announcement on Thursday (November 19th) comes as cases of the novel coronavirus continue to surge across the United States.

And while the CDC is warning Americans not to travel, they aren't the only ones. Here in Lubbock, Councilwoman Latrelle Joy asked citizens not to invite people from outside of Lubbock to the city. At one point during a press conference on Wednesday, Councilwoman Joy asked why anyone would want to come to Lubbock right now since the city is considered a hot spot for coronavirus.

During the press conference, Councilwoman Joy suggested citizens celebrate in their own homes while connecting to family over streaming devices.

We've seen similar messaging from city and state leaders across the United States. Warnings have been dire, suggesting that Thanksgiving could become a super-spreader holiday.

According to POLITICO, the CDC is also recommending people stay away from college students who haven't been home for 14 days:

The agency also urged Americans to avoid mingling with people who haven't resided in their same household in the past 14 days. That could include college students returning home for the holidays.

The CDC recommended wearing masks, observing social distancing and having a single person serve food at gatherings, if possible, while making guests use separate bathrooms.

The CDC also warned Americans about gathering in large groups on Black Friday and to continue to wear masks and stay six feet apart.

While the CDC is warning against Thanksgiving travel, millions of Americans are expected to hit the roads next week.

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