It is time we had another little talk about Pride Month.

June is Gay Pride Month. It's an opportunity for our friends and family members to get out of the shadows and speak their truth. I'm willing to bet everyone reading this knows someone who is gay and you're totally cool with it. This then begs the question, "if everyone has a gay friend, how come we're so mean to gay people when they're not around?"

The answer is, people tend to make fun of what they don't understand. People also tend to let sh@t roll downhill, so if they are picked on, they pick on the next group down the line. So at this point, let's back up. I once was sent a comedy writing book for radio which actually said that the safest targets to pick on were gays and fat people. At that point, I decided I wasn't going to pick on gays and fat people (unless I'm doing some equal opportunity offending).

So during Pride Month, I'm not asking you to go out of your way and do anything. I'm just asking you to treat the gay community the same way you treat your gay friend or family member.  Now, there are some of you who are hung up on what they do in the bedroom and that is really none of your business. Some are hung up on the religious nuttery of it all and I don't see you stoning people who work on Sundays. Just set all that nonsense aside, behave like a proper grown up and treat your gay friends.

Happy Pride Month To Everyone!

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