With the 4th of July holiday only days away, many people in Lubbock are already making plans to attend the festivities as they kick off Saturday morning with the Fourth on Broadway Parade.

But before you head to the parade and pick that perfect spot, you might want to know that for the first time in 25 years the parade will start at east Broadway and end at MacKenzie Park.

In previous years the route went from east to west ending at Texas Tech. This year, it will head east and end at MacKenzie Park.

Parking for the event this year will also be located in designated lots rather than just random spots available in the neighborhoods along the parade route.

Attendees can park in the fair ground parking lots for $5 and there will be free parking in the field around MacKenzie park, but it will be first come first serve, so keep that in mind Saturday morning.

Enjoy the festivities and be safe!