This is from either a really terrible person or someone who has a really terrible sense of humor.

You never know how serious a troll is, so this is a bit bothersome. It was actually upsetting to the 94.5 FMX listener who sent it in. The note was plastered on the back of a pickup truck with a camper on 38th Street between Utica and Vicksburg.

Let's unpack this. It got the reaction the person wanted. They wanted to upset people who don't agree with their opinions. Apparently, they were making a political point and a joke -- at least I hope so. What they should get is a visit from the police because the listener thought it was a very threatening note to post out in public. (The listener told me they called the police and asked for an officer to check it out. They said they would, but the note remains.)

I don't think this type of thing belongs out there at all. While I respect the person's right to say whatever they like, I don't like the idea of any incitement to violence for any reason, and I don't like the fact that it's in a residential neighborhood. Can you just imagine a kid asking his parents, 'why does this man want to kill you?'

I'm calling on the people in Lubbock to turn the heat and rhetoric down. We don't need this kind of trolling; it's just a little over the line. I understand that things did not go the way that the majority of people here wanted them to go, but that's no excuse to be out-and-out hateful.

Do better, Hub City.

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