Not only can you check out the video for "I Came To Party" but you can also vote for Deuce to be your next President of The United States Of America.

Yup, it's true the former frontman of Hollywood Undead is running for President. According to the following statement has been released:

“Los Angeles, CA – Everybody’s favorite masked rock star Deuce today announced his run for President. As the founding member of the I Came To Party, Deuce brings a simple message to the masses: The economy is in the toilet. People are down on their luck.

The two major political parties are stale. It’s time to say “Let’s party!” While Deuce has always been a man with the message of a good time, The Deuce for President campaign began as a grassroots initiative from supportive fans, who drew on his inspiration and created a “Deuce For President” group page. The group’s popularity rapidly grew and after careful consideration, Deuce has accepted their nomination.

“I’m bringing the party back to the people,” said Deuce. “It’s all about partying without a cause: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit to Party.”

When I watch the video I can't help but wonder would Deuce make a good President? Probally not, but at least we know he can throw one hell of a party!